31 May – 2 June 2024


Get ready for an adventure at the first Ulcinno Hackathon, right here in the sunny town of Ulcinj, Montenegro! We’re mixing the dynamic industry of information technologies with the vibrant nature of tourism to find awesome new ways to make the tourist experience in Montenegro unforgettable. With the beautiful Hotel Otrant by the sea as our base, you’ll get to work on cool projects, meet amazing people, and help shape the future of tourism in Montenegro. Our team is pumped to see what you can create – let’s make this first hackathon one to remember!

Whether you are a newly formed team with a fresh idea or an experienced group with a shaped idea, you are more than welcome to apply for this competition!



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CEO & Co-Founder @ Coinis

Performance Advertising Expert Search Feed Monetization Specialist | Native & Display to Search

Chapter President @ Keiretsu Forum Southeast Europe

Keiretsu Forum Southeast Europe, Chapter President. Honorary Consul of Republic of Latvia ?? in Republic of Kosovo ??

Co-Founder & COO/CISO @ UN1QUELY

vCISO | Entrepreneur & Advisor | Simplifying Cybersecurity Compliance | Scaling Startups at Digital Den | Bokelj


CTO at fleka.me & DokTok.rs

Technical director of Fleka Studio. He has been programming for almost...

Head Of Business Development at Coinis

Tamara Jelić originally trained as an English teacher but has carved out...

Founder at Pillbie

With a decade’s experience working as a Business Development and Sales...

Sales Lead at Logate d.o.o.

Jevrosima brings a decade of sales expertise in the IT sector...

COO & Cofounder at Uhura Solution

Blažo Crvenica was born in 1978 in Podgorica. He graduated...

Founder of the Startup Factory

User experience (UX) expert and solution architect with the...


Welcome to the first-ever Ulcinno Hackathon! This event is all about combining technology with the fun and adventure of tourism, not just in Ulcinj, but everywhere. We’re inviting everyone who loves to create, solve problems, and dream up new ideas to see how technology can make traveling even more amazing.

At this Hackathon, your challenge is to think of ways to use technology to improve tourism in Montenegro. Imagine making traveling smoother, more fun, and even better for the places people visit. Whether it’s making an app that gives travelers personal tips, finding smart ways to help hotels run better, or coming up with ideas to keep tourist spots beautiful, there’s so much you can do.

We’re looking for all kinds of ideas. You could work on a new app, figure out how to use data to help travelers, or even create a hardware. If your idea can make touristic experience better in Montenegro, it’s perfect for this Hackathon.

This is your chance to show how technology can change the way people see Montenegro as a travel destination. Let’s get together and create innovative things which are going to make people come back to Montenegro all over again!

Join us in this exciting adventure of technology and travel. Let’s build, innovate, and shape the future of tourism and Montenegro together!

As part of the Ulcinno Hackathon, we are inviting teams to contribute their innovative solutions to the intersection of IT and tourism. Below are the essential guidelines and rules for team formation and participation:

Eligibility and Participation

  • International Participation: This Hackathon is open to participants from any country. International teams are encouraged to apply. It is required, however, that all team members are present in person throughout the Hackathon as this is not an online event.
  • Team Composition: Teams must consist of a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5 members.

Selection Process

  • Number of Teams: A total of 5 teams will be selected to participate in the Hackathon. The selection will be based on following criterias: innovation, impact, market potenial, scalability.
  • Application Requirement: Teams are required to apply together, providing a comprehensive overview of their proposed solution and how their team composition aligns with their project goals.

The Ulcinno Hackathon is honored to feature a panel of mentors comprising leading figures from the forefront of the IT and business sectors in Montenegro. Our mentors come from a variety of critical roles within successful companies, including CTOs, Head of Business Development, Startup Founders, Sales Leads. This diversity in expertise ensures a rich mentorship experience for all participating teams.

Mentorship Structure

  • Total Mentors: There are 5 mentors participating in the Hackathon, carefully selected to cover a broad spectrum of expertise.
  • Team Allocation: Each team will be assigned one mentor. This personalized mentorship approach is designed to provide targeted advice, fostering the development of innovative solutions and the growth of each team.

Mentor Expertise

  • Broad Industry Knowledge: Our mentors are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in key positions. Their expertise is not limited to the realm of IT; it also encompasses deep insights into business development, strategy, and leadership.
  • Innovation and Leadership: The mentors include CTOs renowned for their technical leadership, Startup Founders who have successfully navigated the early stages of business growth, Sales Leads with deep market insights and Technical Project Leads known for managing complex projects to fruition.

The Ulcinno Hackathon will take place at the all-inclusive Hotel Otrant in Ulcinj, a venue chosen for its excellent facilities and prime seaside location.

Venue Features:

  • Direct access to a private beach and multiple swimming pools.
  • Located by the Adriatic Sea, offering serene surroundings conducive to focus and innovation.


  • Teams will be accommodated at Hotel Otrant, with all meals and beverages provided as part of the all-inclusive package.
  • Rooms will be allocated based on team size, ensuring comfort and privacy.


  • A diverse menu of local and international cuisine is available, catering to all dietary preferences.

To ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of all submissions in the Ulcinno Hackathon, projects will be assessed based on the following criteria:


  • Originality: The extent to which the solution presents a novel approach to addressing challenges within the tourism industry using IT.
  • Creativity: The uniqueness of the concept and its differentiation from existing solutions in the market.


  • Relevance: How effectively the solution addresses a significant need or problem within the tourism sector.
  • Benefit: The potential of the solution to provide tangible improvements or benefits to its target users or stakeholders.


  • Growth Potential: The capability of the solution to be expanded or adapted to different markets, regions, or contexts beyond its initial scope.
  • Sustainability: The feasibility of maintaining and supporting the solution over time, considering both technical and business perspectives.

Market potential:

  • Demand: The existence of a clear demand or market need for the solution, indicating potential for adoption and success.
  • Competitive Advantage: The solution’s ability to compete in the current market, including factors like innovation, cost-effectiveness, and user engagement.

Projects will be reviewed by a panel of judges, including industry experts and mentors, who will evaluate each submission against these criteria. The aim is to identify solutions that not only demonstrate technical proficiency but also show potential for real-world application and success in the tourism industry.

Participants are encouraged to consider these criteria carefully as they develop their projects, focusing on creating innovative, impactful, and scalable solutions.

Technical implementation is not necessary, but it will bring extra points to the team.

The Ulcinno Hackathon invites a wide spectrum of participants, from visionary thinkers with nascent ideas to established teams with fully developed projects. Our aim is to foster innovation at every stage of development within the IT and tourism sectors. Here are the categories of participants we welcome:

Fresh Ideas and New Teams

  • Individuals or teams that are at the conceptual stage, with innovative ideas yet to be developed. If you have a groundbreaking idea that can merge IT with tourism but haven’t started developing it, we encourage you to apply. This Hackathon provides the perfect platform to transform your vision into reality.

Developed Projects

  • Teams that have moved beyond the ideation stage and have started working on their project. If your project is in the development phase, whether early or advanced, and seeks further refinement, exposure, or feedback, your application is welcome. This Hackathon offers resources and mentorship to elevate your project to the next stage.

Established Businesses

  • If your project is already operational and you’re looking to explore new markets, optimize your solution, or scale your business, the Ulcinno Hackathon can provide valuable insights and opportunities. Established businesses within the IT and tourism sectors looking for growth or pivot strategies are encouraged to apply.

The Ulcinno Hackathon is committed to supporting innovation across all stages of development within the intersection of IT and tourism. Whether you are nurturing a fresh idea, developing a project, or scaling an established business, we offer a platform for you to showcase your solution, gain valuable feedback, and propel your initiative forward.

All teams can apply for the competition by May 15, 2024, and the teams selected for the final part of the competition will be announced by May 24, 2024.

AGENDA - 2.6.2024

16:00 – 17:00
Registracija učesnika
17:00 – 17:15
Uvodna obraćanja:
  • Ardijan Mavriq, predsjednik Skupštine Opštine Ulcinj
  • Marijeta Bajraktarović Lanzardi, državna sekretarka – Ministarstvo prosviete, nauke i inovacija Crne Gore
  • Ćazim Hodžić, direktor Turističke organizacije Ulcinj
17:15 – 17:45
Panel “Prilagođavanje digitalnom dobu: Trenutno stanje i izazovi razvoja ICT sektora i inovacija u Crnoj Gori“
  • Aleksandra Mugoša, generalna direktorica Direktorata za inovacije i pametnu specijalizaciju, Ministarstvo prosvjete, nauke i inovacija Crne Gore;
  • Radivoje Drobnjak, menadžer za programske aktivnosti, Naučno tehnološki park Crne Gore;
  • Đorđije Brkuljan, koordinator centra za programske aktivnosti, IPC Tehnopolis;
  • Saša Ivanović, menadžer programa, Fond za inovacije Crne Gore;
  • Branka Žižić, EIT hub Crne Gore
17:50 – 18:35
Inspiring success stories
  • Anton Jurovicki, CEO & Co-Founder @ Coinis
  • Ardian Hoxha, Chapter President @ Keiretsu Forum Southeast Europe
  • Branko Džakula, Co-Founder & COO/CISO @ UN1QUELY
  • Branimir Bukilić, CEO @ Data Design d.o.o
18:45 – 19:15
Pitch 5 najboljih timova
19:15 – 19:30
Pauza za kafu
19:30 – 20:00
Dodjela nagrada žirija i završna ceremonija
20:00 – 21:00
Networking koktel