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Who is Ulcinno?

Ulcinno is an organization focused on boosting the tech scene in Ulcinj and its region. We aim to turn Ulcinj into a spot where technology thrives, benefiting everyone. By bringing together talented individuals, innovative ideas, and necessary resources, Ulcinno works to build a strong community passionate about technology and its potential for positive change.

Our Goals

Ulcinno’s objectives are straightforward yet impactful. Our primary aim is to establish a solid community of technology enthusiasts and experts. We intend to guide and support the youth in discovering their potential within the IT sector, offering them a gateway to opportunities and knowledge in technology. Additionally, we are dedicated to enhancing the technological landscape of Ulcinj and its surroundings, fostering growth and innovation. By focusing on these areas, Ulcinno aspires to contribute significantly to the regional development of the tech industry.

Our Team


Ardijan Mavrić was born in 1981, and graduated in computer science in 2005. He has been a member and activist of the New Democratic...


Blerdijan is an accomplished IT professional, currently serving as the CTO of weareai.me, based in Podgorica, ME. Under his leadership...


Benjamin is a Marketing Professional with a technological background, which makes him an all-around player in...


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